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Reptiles/Leopard gecko possibly going blind? URGENT!


After the incident
After the incident  
Okay so to sum up a little background first: my boyfriend has had these two leopard geckos, a female named Leo and a male named Charlie, who have coexisted for almost 3 years with no problems (she is 7, he is 3) today I was in the "reptile room" and out of the corner of my eye I saw Charlie latch on to her eye so I pulled her out of the tank and when she opened her eye it looked deflated, like a raisin almost. It looks like he pierced it and the liquid was draining. So I separated them and put her in the larger warmer tank so hopefully she'd be less stressed, I got back 2 hours later and checked on her and now she has a milky white patch on her eye. What should I do? I don't want her to go completely blind, but I also do not have the money to go to the nearest reptile vet which is over an hour away.

I dont know if this was resolved but if an eye is pierced there is a risk of panophthalmitis (infection) which could end in septicaemia and certainly painful. Antibiotics systemically and topically are usually prescribed and this coould end in enucleation or ptisis bulbis (non functional eye). Our code of conduct should be followed and pain relief or euthanasia has to be offered by any veterinarian, funds aside.


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