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Reptiles/water dragon won't open his eyes.


I have a water dragon and he doesn't want to open his eyes. he has lost of appetite he hardly doesn't want to move. I have correct lighting, huminity is at 80 to 85. His eyes looks a little swolen. What can i do to help him.

Hi Leo,

The symptoms you are describing are not specific to any particular condition. Lethargy, lack of appetite and closed eyes are general symptoms of a reptile that is not well. Unfortunately the possible causes are numerous.

What type/brand of lighting specifically are you using? UV lighting with the incorrect spectrum or very high intensity lighting can cause eye irritation. The compact coil UV lamps caused this problem a few years ago.

Again though, the closed eyes may just be a symptom and not the actual cause of the problem.

Assuming your husbandry is otherwise correct, temperature 90 - 95F at the basking spot, proper UVB lighting and sufficient humidity then the other causes need to be examined. Unfortunately, that may require a vet visit. Parasitic and bacterial infections can also produce those same general symptoms.

In the meantime, make sure he stays hydrated by soaking him daily. Reptiles that are not eating are usually not drinking either and that causes its own set of problems. You can  flush water over his eyes while he is soaking.  


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