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Hello.  My daughter is fourteen and has two crested eyelash geckos.  She has had them for two years and they are housed seperately.  She is very dedicated to them.  A little over a week ago one of them jumped as she was closing its door at feeding and the very tip of the tail got pinched in the door.  She was devastated!  Cried horribly.  Since then it has shriveled up and turned black.  What will happen now will it fall off on its own...the tip?  He still seems very comfortable with handling after a week of rest.  Lease help she is so concerned.

Hello Rachel,

It sounds like your daughter is doing a great job with her pets. Injuries to the tips of tail are common. If the tip of the tail has turned black, it will fall off. The injury shouldn't cause the lizard any distress. If there is any redness or swelling near the injury I recommend treating the area with a dilute betadine solution to prevent bacterial infection. Tell your daughter not to feel bad. I've made that sort of mistake myself. It can happen to anyone.

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