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QUESTION: I have had her for three months, she was gravid upon purchase and laid 6 eggs 5 days later this was the first week in june, I have since found out they have severe mbd(being treated), my vet is away until sept 22, my female drop one egg last night into her water and found one on her bark, she still has some inside should I be concerned she cant lay the remaining eggs??

ANSWER: Hello,
all this depends how many eggs and follicles were on xrays and scan, also how the bloods looked ie Ca and P levels, renal values - as secondary hyperparathyroidism happens with PTH toxic for the kidneys. With all these details a treatment plan would have been established and a prognosis given. It depends whether theres nutrktional support being given for energy levels and whether oral daily calcium is being administered, plus if a vitamin d3 injection has been given.
straining may be observed, lethargy, etc which would be the signs to watch. Imaging is necessary to answer your question.

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QUESTION: Tink has not had nay xrays, I bought a pair. The male jumped and broke his arm, he went to the vets had an an xray. My vet said he had no calcium in his bones.
I told her of the female and she suggested that she too probably has MBD as they came together.
She prescribed Critical care powder and a liquid calcium, I also purchased one of the Bob Mac Mega ray lamps..
I have made a paste of honey with which I put the CC powder in and a calcium powder with vitD..
Tink started dropping her eggs after my vet went on her holidays.
Tink has since dropped another egg into her water last night. She has plenty of dig space and a laybox which she happily used last time..
Her temps are usually 65/80 humidity rising at night, ambient temps around 29c/30 basking temp of 32..She has a large pool of water..
I have since found out this female was in a Viv with two other males while at the Pet shop and I dont know how long they had them, I was told they were 7 months at purchasewhich has to be wrong as she laid 6 eggs and 3 were fertile, didnt make it but they were fertile, out of the three she has had so far 2 look perfectly shaped and healthy, she has been on liquid calcium since Ive has her near enough..
The next exotic vets is 3 hrs from here and will involve a train journey but will do if necessary..
Vet strapped the males arm up and he is due to be seen on the 22nd of Sept but he has started shedding and I am now worried about his strapped arm and not being able to shed the skin..
Will try and attach pics. Sorry for the lengthy right up and big thank you for your time..

I would carry on with the treatment your vet gave you. Be sure that conditions and hydration are maintained. If concerned then revisit. Regarding eggs and fertility, dont forget they dont necessarily need to look like the typical slugs ie discoloured and possibly collapsed.  


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