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My iguana fell in the pool.  when i got her out she looked liked she had drowned.  i began to stroke her and got some water out of her.  assuming she was dead i put her on the floor for my son to come home.  she started to move and breathe.  she seems sluggish but is alert.  recently she started to foam up what looks like blood.  any suggestions.. I think maybe her lungs were affected by the chlorine in the pool.

Hello Carol,

Oh my, I am so sorry to hear that your iguana fell into the pool.  
That is very very possible that she was affected by the chlorine.  How heavily is it chlorinated?
Did you turn her downwards for awhile when you held her to be sure her lungs would drain all of the way?
If she is still breathing & with you, I would suggest for now/tonight, to keep her warmer at night in her tank, lower her humidity for now, (if possible) to help ward off any infection such as a respiratory ailment.  Do you have a vet you can take her to for x-rays?

Let me know how she is doing.  How old is she?
Do you have pictures of her also?



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