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Hello, recently i got two 9 month old male leopard geckos Silas & Ezra. I've had Silas for about 3 days and Ezra for only one. Silas took the whole three days to let me touch him and Ezra let me hold him right away. Anyway, I'm worried about Silas he hasn't eaten since I've had him as to where Ezra ate a cricket when I first feed him. I heard that it's normal for geckos to not eat for a week or two if there stressed and I want to know if that's true. I'm a little worried. Also the size of there cages are 14.5"L x 8.6"W x 9.6"H, and I'm using a 60W bulb and the temperature of the cage usually stays in the 80's. I'm only using a heat light, should I use a uv light as well? I've heard it's best to only use one. Can you help??

Hello Ashley,

You have only had them for less than a week, correct?  
Sometimes geckos adjust quickly while others adjust must faster than the other one.  
They may not eat for a week or two, absolutely.  Most of them do go through relocation stress so that is a very normal thing.  It can sometimes take a couple of weeks or longer for them to get used to a new home with different surroundings.  
The UVB light is optional though when we did care for leos in the past I always did use a low output UVB & they seemed to do better with UVB lighting.  
Do you have any pictures of their setup?  
You can also try mealworms, phoenix worms or waxworms for them too.  Be sure that the crickets are small enough for them also.  
The size of the tanks are great.  What substrate are you using, sand, felt, paper towels?

Let me know how they are doing.


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