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Reptiles/Chinese Water Dragon opens mouth a lot


My CWD opens his mouth ever so often. He does this both in and out of his cage and it doesnít seam to be in aggression. He is 2-3 months old. Iíve read about respiratory infections but he doesnít wheeze while he does it and he still eats normally . He does it for a few seconds probably 15 times a day.... Is this normal?

Hello Jenna,

Actually, that is a pretty normal behavior from most reptiles/lizards when basking.  He could be thermoregulating & controlling his body temperature by opening/closing his mouth to cool off.   
Can you review your tank setup with me, such as the type/brand of UVB lighting, (compact/coil or long tube bulb), the temperatures & what type of thermometer you use to measure them with, as well as the humidity, substrate & supplementation?  
Do you have any pictures of him I could see also, as well as him along with your tank setup too?  That would help, so I could see if anything was amiss in the tank.
What do you feed him also?

Let me know how he is doing.


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