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new friend in town
new friend in town  
Hello Ms Ross,

Im from the Philippines, i just got my first reptile which is a crested lizard, and im to concern with its sheddingbof skin. Does basking do help him on its shedding of skin? Or will i stop basking him out of the house till he finish his shed?
Does green crested lizard requires water supply? I put a delli cup full of water for his to drink. Or the size of my water cup should be bigger? I dont have an idea if crested lizards do bath. I leave on an urban city so letting him out in the wild will only kill him. Ill be waiting for your responce please? Im too worried with my little friend. Pm me on fb  

Hi, if your lizard is a Broncochela? The bestoption is to release it in a forest area. If you keep him captive then you will needto condition the terrarium including a source of UVA and UVB light, visible light, possibly through a t5 tube, increase the humidity especially if in shed (this will be harder if kept captive), offer a water bowl as this will also increase humidity. Ideally use a thermometer, thermostat and hygrometer for adequate levels. Then focus on food, feeding, gut loading and supplementation with adequate minerals and vitamins including calcium and vitamin d3. If i were you, i would release it in an appropriate place and if going to keep a captive reptile, prepare for it with all these things before you take one in. Sadly, many reptilesgo dow hill and perish if not prepared.


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