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Reptiles/lumps on side of mountain horned dragon


mountain horned Dragon lumps
mountain horned Dragon  
QUESTION: I purchased this Dragon a few days ago and have noticed some lumps on his side and am slightly worried. Any idea what the possibilities are?

ANSWER: Hello Cory,

Those are odd looking bumps.  Do you keep crickets in with him in the tank?  They don't really look like bites though.
Are they just on that one side & not the other side?  I believe that I have seen some with those bumps before & they are just part of their skin.  Here is a picture with simillar bumps:[term]=mountain%20horned%20dragon&filters[primary]=images&sort=1&o=40

It may be something that sheds off in time, too, but I doubt it is anything serious like tumors or cysts, they are too small.  How old is he?

What are his temperatures in his tank & what is the humidity reading?
Are you using a UVB light for him & if so what type & brand are you using?  

Do they seem to hurt if you touch them?  
What is he eating right now?


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: He doesn't seem to mind when I touch the bumps, and there's not normally crickets running around in there I had just fed him when I took that pic. Those bumps were there when I bought him a few days ago, not sure how old he is but petco had just got him in. I use a reptisun 10.0 and a basking bulb. I feed him a variety of mealworms and crickets, and he managed to eat a guppy from my pond! I still have yet to get a temp and humidity guage for his tank but I do mist him every time I walk by. Any advice on what I should do?

Hello Cory,

I would most definitely get either a digital probe or temp gun to help with measuring the temperatures as they are very important.  The humidity is important too for horned dragons.
A little water fall or a fountain for water sources in the tank is helpful as they do prefer running water.  You could get a large water dish/bowl & put an air pump in there to move the water around some, too.  If you already have a pond in there for him, just add an air pump & that will be fine.
Is he eating well then?  He looks like a juvenile & should get a little bit larger.  They can get 10-14 inches in length full grown.  
Great, the Reptisun 10 tube bulb should be food for him, alongside of the basking light.  How from him is it?

I hope he is doing well.  You can send another picture or two if you have them.



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