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    So a few months ago I rescued an adult, male bearded dragon from my local pet store. I had him in a temporary 20 gallon tank for a month or two, containing a UVB and heat basking bulb (red). He eats super worms and crickets regularly (sometimes with calcium power). However he has shown no interest in fruits/vegetables (kale, spinach, lettuce, blueberries, apple, banana). Since i have had him, I have noticed that he shakes his head (sometimes) if I take him out of his tank. I thought this might be because it is colder outside of his tank or he was scared. However, I have done some research and found that hypocalcemia could be the cause. He does not currently suffer from loss of motor skills or a "dying" tail.  Any guidance?

thank you for the review - regarding the points given, if you actually want an answer and care about your pet then you should take him to a reptile veterinarian, not waste time on here. What would you expect me to answer? Maybe bring out my crystal ball? Working as a referral veterinary surgeon for exotics I assure you I have encountered many reptilian cases, many complex ones and also many different types of clients - sadly an email will not be a solution, especially if there are potential differentials including hepatic encephalopathy, vascular disease, increased intracranial pressure, pseudo aneurisms, infection viral causes amongst others (all cases I have seen with "shaking heads".


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