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Hi Tracie, thanks for the quick reply. I will see if I can get a copy of the test results faxed to me. From what I understood all liver function ect. came  back good. We are giving her daily calcium glauconate (liquid calcium) which was given to me by the vet. Although her calcium levels were good when I took her in to her second vet apt.  as I already had her almost a month when she had her second vet appointment, and they did the blood and fecal testing. We felt it could only help her as she had not had any for five years. What are your thoughts on the thick mucous that is in her throat mixed with the food? I offered her food today along with her baby food. She ate some of the food this am but was stuck in her throat mixed with mucous when I returned from work around 5:30pm. I pulled a good size ball out again. As soon as I open her mouth she starts to try and expell the ball from her throat. I have given her in the month of December a 5 ml bottle of BioGaia probiotic drops 5 drops per day which has 100 million live active lactobacillus reuteri. I will continue with per your suggestion. They also did an x-Ray on her and found nothing with exception of mbd. I have never had access to any of my dragons mouths like I have her as the other surrendered dragon and my own two are healthy. Could it be that food does sit there in the throat mixed with mucous but we don't see in normally as we don't often get a look inside; but then why is it there most of the day. I have tried to find info online and only thing I ever read was over feeding  can cause dragons to spit out food, but she is eating the food on her own and we don't see the slew or baby food like this, although some was mixed in tonight and other times if she eats regular food first. I am sorry to ramble but I have spent so many hours thinking and trying to figure this out. If it is just her digestive system learning how to work again, how long do you feel it could take. When I do offer her regular food and it isn't digesting that day, do I leave it until it does? I know it eventually does as she appears not to have it in her mouth when she wakes up in am, but I don't want her choking on it either and she looks miserable when it is in her jowels and throat. On the plus she is putting on weight her skin color is going from black to bright which is a good thing. Thanks for any insight you can provide Val

Hello Val,

You are welcome.  Great, hopefully nothing is going on with her kidneys or liver then, if the values looked good.
The gluconate or glubionate will be fine in liquid form.  It is better absorbed than the calcium carbonate is.  Did he dose it according to her bodyweight for you also?   I am sure it will help, even if her levels appear fine.  That can sometimes be deceiving, too.  
If the saliva looks more like thick mucous in the mouth, most times that has something to do with respiratory issues.  Nothing was seen on the x-ray though?   
If she is having trouble swallowing & the food sits in her throat for extended periods of time that would cause mucous buildup also, I agree.  Continue with the probiotics though, I do think that it will help.
The muscle tone in her throat area hasn't built up very well yet so it takes awhile for her to be able to swallow properly.  How much food do you feed her at a time?
That is terrific she has gained weight now & her colors are improving.  She must be feeling better though bless her!  She definitely has fighting spirit to have come this far already.
Maybe try giving smaller amounts, more frequently throughout the day time permitting of course, to see if that helps her out any.
Let me know how she is doing.  Send new pictures of her, too.  :-)



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