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I just adopted a corn snake almost a week ago. I did a lot of research but can not find out if it would be okay to give him a full grown mouse like he's supposed to be eating. I assume no. The lady I took him from said he's 2 years old and she's been feeding him 2 pinkies every 5-7 days. We got him Friday and on that Sunday he shed most of his skin save the patches that were there before his shed... Cleaned the tank and fed him two pinkies which he gulped down and looked for more. I gave him a bath two days later with no problems and got all the dead skin off. Then fed him two more pinkies. Its two days later and he pooed black gooey with a bit of yellowish goop and pees the white crystal stuff. So I cleaned that up and got him out. He was agitated but when I put him back he started hunting.

My question is can I go ahead on Sunday which would be 5 days since his last feeding and give him a fuzzie? How can I get him back on track? I'm going to pick up some more food for him either way tomorrow... Just looking for advice about what to give this poor guy without stressing his systems out ya know? Thank you in advance!

Hello Kat,

Since he is not used to getting larger prey, I would give it a little more time before you give him a full grown mouse.  He is probably just about ready though to try & tackle a full grown one.
Also, it may take him a few weeks to become adjusted to a new home so he could be experiencing a little bit of stress or anxiety which could affect his appetite or his system, in general.
If he is hunting though, that is a good sign he is feeling pretty good.
Has he drank any water?
Since it has been 5 days, you can go ahead & try to feed him another fuzzie to see if he hunts.  You are feeding live ones?
How long is he?
Let me know how the feeding goes on sunday.



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