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I have a dragon bearded lizard. I've had her for about a year now. When winter came she started to hibernate. She hasn't opened her eyes in about a month now. I soak her in some warm water occasionally and today I noticed her eyes looked like they were welded shut. She hasn't ate for almost 2 weeks. What can I do for her?

Hello David,

That doesn't sound good, if she wont or can't open her eyes.  
Are her eyes sunken in any?  Has she lost weight also?  
You will need to try & get her to open her eyes though, to evaluate her more fully.  
I would give another long warm soaking, making sure to try & wash her eyes out.  
Try getting some sterile saline solution to see if you can flush her eyes out gently
of course.  
Is her beard black?  If you have any pictures, you can post one here so I can see
what she is looking like.
What is your tank setup like, do you use a UVB light & if so what type & brand is it?
For now, I would pull her out of the brumation to try & see what is going on.  If she
doesn't improve pretty quickly, a vet visit would be a good idea.  
During brumation, their eyes shouldn't seal shut like that.  It almost sounds like a
respiratory infection possibly.  
Keep her warm overnight in her tank, around 80 or so.  What are her basking temperatures
Let me know how she is doing.



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