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Reptiles/Leopard Gecko was not an Eye Infection


QUESTION: My Leo is almost 2 yes old he has had an irritated eye all month
Then it became swollen and now has been swollen shut for 3 days
I really can not afford to take him to vet but I'm Afraid I Must
What would you suggest?

ANSWER: Hello Jenna,

I am sorry about your Leo.  The eyes can be tricky with them.  Did he retain an eye cap from a previous shed possibly?
Do you have a picture I could see?
To begin treating it, I recommend getting some sterile saline solution to flush his eye out to clean it initially.  You can try to find Terramycin ointment which is an antibiotic eye ointment to put in his eye.  Sometimes Tractor Supply or AgMart, etc may carry it.  
I also sell it on my website, if you are not able to find it.  
Is he eating anything at all?
Also, do you have a warm, moist hide/cave in his tank to help with shedding?  A lot of times retained shed is a primary contributor to eye problems.  They seem to really have trouble with that often.  
Do you have a warm side with a basking area of around 88-92 or so?
Let me know how he is doing.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I had to take him to vet and found out that something poked him inside his mouth and it was an abscess
They drained it done and gave me antibiotics to inject for the next 2 wks it's looking better now I am so glad I
Took him I will heed your advice above should I need it thank you so much I was really worried and rightfully so
Thanks Tracie !

ANSWER: Hello Jenna,

Oh my, I had wondered if it could have been an abscess causing the swelling.
Had he injured his eye previously?
Poor thing, at least it is looking better after they drained it!
Definitely stick with the antibiotics for the course to be sure it is all gone.
Have you been able to get him to eat today?

Let me know how he is doing!  :-)


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: He is not eating I Have some ReptaBoost I am going to try we will see f he will take it

Hello Jenna,

Hopefully he will like the reptaboost.  It is a good product so it will help with nutrition while he doesn't feel well & is on medications, too.
Let me know how he is doing.
Be sure he stays warm overnight too just to help out his immune system right now.



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