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His habitat
His habitat  
QUESTION: My one year old Chamaleon has a dark spot on both sides of his back :/ and he recently doesn't have an appetite for crickets and that's the only way I can give him his calcium.. He does enjoy the succulents that I have in my back yard tho and I don't really have him in his cage he is free to walk around whenever he likes and he gets sunlight every day. Ives never had a problem until recently. Please help.

ANSWER: Hello Karen,

Rambo is beautiful!  Those spots appear fungal but not 100% sure.  Go ahead & get some lamisil or monistat from the store, to apply on those areas first, to see if that helps to clear it up.  
He receives full strength UVB from outdoors daily?  How many hours of UVB does he receive?
Do you know what his temperatures are & humidity in his tank area?  
What type of basking light does he have?  
Have you tried superworms, or silkworms, he might enjoy a change in diet from time to time.  
In the mean time, if you can't get him to eat at the moment, you can get some chicken, turkey or beef baby food to feed to him.  You can mix his calcium powder in with it also & use either a plastic dropper or plastic syringe.  Drip the food onto the end of his nose to see if he will lick any food off.  
Also, try getting some probiotics to help balance out his system in case it is fungal.  You can get either non dairy acidophiliz or non dairy soy yogurt flavored or plain.
Is he still staying pretty active right now & not showing any signs of illness other than a decreased appetite?

Let me know how he is doing.


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His tree
His tree  

Thank you so much!! He is my world !!! And I want him to be healthy! He is extremely active, always moving around! The temperature ranges from 70 to 80 and I'm not sure about the humidity but I do have his fogger and I keep him hydrated. He gets at least 5 hours of straight sunlight. Usually when the sun is out he gets on the sunny part to bask. He never really goes in his cage. His lightbulb is 120V 60 Hz 125W. Since we live in Florida the temperature is nice at night and he likes to lay in his tree with the wind blowing. I bought all the stuff that you suggested and I started the treatment today. He enjoys the soy yogurt. Will let you know how he is doing!

Hello Karen,

You are welcome, Rambo is so pretty!  
I hope that if it is fungal, that the cream will help out.  I am not sure why he would have developed any fungal issues, that is odd.  
Since you are in Florida, his humidity is probably pretty good then.
Since he is getting direct sun without glass filtering it, then he should be getting adequate UVB exposure.  
Oh you are using a mercury vapor bulb then?  Which brand if it?
I am glad to hear he likes the soy yogurt, that is somewhat surprising!
He sure is a lucky boy, getting to roam around, free.  Not too many of them have that opportunity.  You can tell just by looking at him & his colors that he is happy & healthy.
Did you find a liquid calcium you could give to him?

Let me know how he is doing.



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