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Hi, I have a five year old Bearded Dragon Lizzy, who was surrendered to me in October 2015. She weighed less than a pound, could not walk and had no muscle mass, just skin on bones.  Her husbandry was inadequate, no viatmins, calcium, correct terms or correct lighting. She had never been bathed or given water with exception of a little on her food. The night I picked her up, I brought her home and bathed her and she drankthe water. I took her to our local herp vet the following day and he diagnosed her with malnutrition. I started her on slew, babyfood and pedalyte. She very slowly started to gain strength. I am giving her calcium gluconate, repti boost, and avipro plus, and continue with this and slowly introduced veggies, and fruit. Field greens, green and yellow peppers, chard,  dandelion, squash, sweet potato, and papaya, as well as pin head crickets and chopped wax worms. She would greedily eat but I quickly noticed she had food in her mouth that would just sit there. i took her back to the vet with a few fecal samples and the vet took blood, X-rays and sent fecal samples away. She  was diagnosed with metabolic bone disease. The x-rays showed nothing else the blood test showed no parasites or any other concerns.   Lizzie continued to slowly gain weight and defecate which included urate and feces. Lizzie has also shed once since I've had her and walks full height. She has a repti sun 10.0 Bulb mounted inside her tank is 4-5 inches away but closer when on her basking spot. She also has an solar glow 125 watt bulb on top of her tank. Her basking spot is 105-108, warm side is 89-92 and cool side is 75-78.  The vet believes that the food remaining in her mouth is due to the digestive system not working adequately due to the starvation,  have you heard of this,any thoughts?

VAl, the fact that this lizard is now able to eat and walk is a testament to your hard work!  There's no way I'm going to second guess a vet that has actually seen and treated this animal.  I would say both you and the vet are doing a great job.  I've never heard of this particular problem but, I've never heard of anyone taking a beardie that was this sick back from the brink either.  If she's eating, walking, and pooping I'd say keep doing what you're doing!  And good luck!


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