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Hello! I have a 3 and a half year old female leopard gecko, and she has developed a scab on the outside of the front of her mouth. She seems to be licking it more than usual. Her profile looks different, it almost looks like a beak or something on her mouth? She hasn't been eating for the past three weeks, so I'm a bit worried about her.

They are in a 30 gallon tank, there is a heating pad under one side, and we have a red heat lamp on 24/7. Their substrate is a mat/carpet. Their wet warm hide is 90 degrees with paper towel lining, dry warm hide is 85, and dry cool hide is 80. They have a water dish and a dish with calcium in it that they can lick if they want.

We keep them on a steady diet of mealworms, with an occasional cricket, waxworm, or roach. They are fed every other day, and usually eat 3-6 big mealworms every feeding (less when shedding).

I've heard that you can use a diluted hydrogen peroxide mixture to treat sores on geckos, and then put neosporin on it. Will this hurt my gecko? Any ideas on what her issue is or how to help? Your assistance is much appreciated! Thank you -Lisa

Lisa, your hydrogen peroxide/Neosporin idea was exactly what I was going to suggest.  I'd also isolate her, if you haven't already, and change her substrate to clean paper towels for the time being.  Pedilyte (for human babies) is also a decent supplement to get them at least drinking again if you get to the force-feeding stage.


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