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I'm working on a project about savannah monitors for school and am struggling with finding any vitals like heart/respiratory rates, can you help?

Thanks in advance!

Hello Nikki,

Sure, let me check my medical books for that.  Did you need resting heart rates essentially?
Are you doing a report on Savannah monitors for high school or college?
I had not heard back from you.  How is your research going?
The information I must say is extremely limited!
What I have been able to find is that during managed or anesthetic managements, respiration is controlled at or around 20ml/kg or 10 breaths per minute.  The breaths per minute would be dependent on activity levels as well as body temperatures.
As far as the heart rate frequency, I found a chart which had information published for an alligator.  The heart rates are also dependent on the body temperature & was recorded at 38 beats per minute with a body temperature of 25C.
Thus, if the body temperature falls, the heart rate would fall accordingly since they are ectotherms.
I hope that helps out some.  Let me know how things are going with your report.



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