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QUESTION: Hi I've had my blue tongue skink for 3 years now and for the first time he hasn't eaten for a month,apart from a small amount of boiled egg! He doesn't appear to be losing much weight if any and is still drinking plenty of water.he is sleeping alot but still coming out of his hide to bask regularly also still demanding my attention!! I feel maybe he's still brumating but was concerned as he's usually a good eater! Any advice would be greatly appreciated

ANSWER: Hello Zoe,

How long has he been in a somewhat slown down condition, a month, or longer?  They can & often do brumate for months.  It sounds like though, he has only partially brumated if he still comes out to bask & wants attention!
Is he maintaining or losing weight right now?  If he isn't losing any weight then it appears he is healthy.  You could try to get a fecal done on him, if you can get some type of food & fluids into him, somehow.  That way you can rule out worms/parasites as well just to be sure.
You could try hand feeding or syringe feeding a bit of chicken, turkey or beef baby food mixed with some bee pollen to see if that helps pick up his appetite any.
Which UVB light do you use for him & how old is the UVB light?

Let me know how he is doing.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for getting back to me so quickly Tracie I really appreciate it! I was going to get a fecal test done on him but that's been tricky as he's not pooing! He has been slowed down for a couple of months but at first he would take a small meal a week and expell the waste.i will try the hand feeding approach to see if I can have any luck! His bulb is an arcadia t5 bulb which is due a change in July. He's still drinking plenty of water and his eyes look bright and he seems to be maintaining his weightvery well (he's still a lump!!)I will put him on the scales from now to keep a closer eye on that.thanks for your advice it is much appreciated. Zoe

Hello Zoe,

No problem at all.  :-)
That is awesome, those T5 Arcadia tube bulbs are terrific, that's what we use also.  
It sounds like he is an attention monger for sure, as they do get like that when they are spoiled.  LOL  I have no room to talk because our beardies are essentially human lizards.  
Definitely try hand feeding, or you may even have to resort to syringed feeding a bit if at all possible, just to get a fecal.  It seems to me though that he is very health & just taking awhile to fully zap out of his sleepy stage.
It sounds like it's going to be quite challenging!  Do you have any pictures of him?

Let me know how that goes for you.



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