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Xerxes the water dragon
Xerxes the water drago  
I have an adult water dragon approximately 28 inches in length, he seems to be very healthy and his diet is mostly superworms and greens with a little bit of fruit(pineapple seems to be his favorite). Lately he seems to be eating less but still getting a little fatter and I'm not sure why he would be gaining weight. I'm almost sure that it is a male due to bigger crest and big triangular head. I've done lots of research as far as sexing my dragon but I've been having doubts about whether or not he is male. Is there anyway to tell if its male if I were to send a picture of him? I just want to make sure it is not a female that has eggs without mating.

Hello Mike,

Xerxes is beautiful!  :-)
Your water dragon looks female to me.  Usually the males have a much larger crest on the back & jowles.  Does she have any femoral pores on the inside of the thighs that are small or enlarged?  If you can take pictures of the belly/ventral area that would help too.  
How old is he/she?
We had a female chinese water dragon who laid a lot of infertile eggs & she would get pretty round as well.  How much weight has she gained & in what amount of time?
Be sure you are providing good quality UVB lighting along with extra calcium in case she is carrying infertile eggs.

Do you have a laybox for egg laying, just in case?



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