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QUESTION: Can i put two female Kenyan Sand Boas together??

ANSWER: Hello Gabe.

Sure, you shouldn't have any trouble housing a couple of female Sand boas together as long as they have adequate room to move around, etc.
What sized tank/terrarium will you be using for them & how old or large are they?
Do you have any pictures of them also?

If you have pictures of your tank setup that would be great too.  :-)


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: My tank is 21 inch. by 12 inch. And My Sand boa is about 8-10 inches long.I was worried about Cannibalism and Them Fighting each other. I only have one right now and was going to introduce another one to mine...Can I do that? Or would that be a problem since mine is already a year old? (Sorry I can't get any photos of My snake because she is shedding)

Hello Gabe,

Housing two reptiles, etc can be challenging.  
I would not put them together however, if they are of different sizes because that could pose a problem.  You could introduce them slowly to see how they reacted.  I would only put them together if they showed no aggression & are of the same/similar size.
You can successfully house two females together, as long as they get along & you have a decent sized tank.  
Since the one you have now is 1 year of age, she already has some size to her.  I wouldn't rule out her not getting along with another one, but you would need to proceed cautiously so either one of them don't get hurt.
The tank looks great right now.  How much larger will you go if you house them together?
Let me know what you decide & how things are going.



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