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Can i put two female Kenyan Sand Boas together???

Hi Gabe,

Your question is one that often generates differing opinions. Generally it is advised to always house all snakes separately outside of breeding season.

With the exception of hibernaculums, snakes are solitary creatures and housing them separately is encouraged to reduce stress, avoid cannibalism and to better monitor each animals health.

Now, with that said, many keepers do successfully keep female, similar sized sand boas together with no problem whatsoever. This article in Reptiles Magazine is by a long time breeder of Kenyans and he mentions co-habitating them himself.

If you do decide to house them together I would encourage you to monitor them closely for the first few weeks. Be particularly careful at feeding time. Feed them in separate containers and keep them separate for another 30 minutes or so afterwards. Snakes remain in a hyper feeding mode immediately after eating and are more prone to striking anything that smells like food. That would include a cage mate who also just ate and still smells like a mouse!


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