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don't have sea turtles but I'm in dier need of help if you can please.  I have 2 baby map turtles & my boy is really sick.  I'm worried he won't make it.  My girl is developing the same white bumps on her skin that he has.  I just soaked them both in  80 salt bath, let them dry,  n put them in a separate tank since they normally share a tank with fish & frogs.  Is there anything I can do that is better & faster?  My boy can hardly move & won't eat

Hi Shannon,

The situation sounds quite serious from your description and a vet visit is obviously your best hope. If that is not an option then what I would suggest trying is treating the affected areas with povidone iodine which is available over the counter at drug stores. One of the brand names is Betadine, there could be others,  ask the pharmacist.

Betadine is effective against both fungal infections most bacterial infections as well and you could be dealing with either or both.

You will need to "dry dock" the turtles after coating the affected areas with the Betadine.
Dry docking is simply keeping them in a dry container for several hours after treatment to let it take effect and putting them back into water only for a couple hours  to hydrate and (hopefully) eat. They are not happy out of the water but it is necessary to the treatment.

Their immune system is very temperature dependent. You will also need to keep them warm (mid to high 80's F) during treatment.

Best of luck.  


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