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Hi yand  I thank you for your help in advance.

My vet cannot find any proof of the toxicity of the blue tailed skink.

Years ago in the early 70's had one cat and a few years later another cat ate one. According to the vet we saw then it was the blue tailed skink and had not much to offer in treatment other than keeping the pet in a secluded dark quiet place and supply water.....either the cat would make it or not.

We have a cat that had could not walk on her front legs, no appetite, eyes dilated and all the other various symptoms.
vet cannot find anything  or documentation of this type poisoning.

I found your earlier article on Blue Tailed Skink poisoning.

The Gulf Coast magazine article failed to mention a Second Poisonous lizard native to the USA is the Sagauro (?)Banded Desert Lizard. I have seen both them while stationed in Davis Monthan,AFB/ Tucson Az.  

No matter I can fill you in with details in e-mail or other conversation.

I am looking for documentation of blue Tailed skink poisoning in cats. Can you please help me?
Thank you!

Hello Sam,

I will be glad to try & help out on finding more information for you.  I didn't write any article though on Blue Tail Skink toxicity, but I don't recall that they are toxic.
Do you mean toxic to other animals, if eaten?
The beaded lizard is venomous however.  Do you have an ill cat, correct?  If you feel he has come into contact with toxins, try getting some activated charcoal & begin some treatment to try & detox his system.
Could he have come into contact with a beaded lizard?
Sure, if you want to send more details, you can email me at:



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