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Hey Tracie,
I don't know why I could not ask a follow up question on the website any more, so I write to you now in another way.
It's very kind of you to have offered me so much help. I checked Amazon just now, and tried filling my address into the blank, but when it comes to the postal code, it always said the post code is not available, and I'm not sure whether to put in a Chinese address or an English one. And I do wonder whether a credit card is needed? for in China we prefer to use Alipay rather than a credit card... What should I do? It is the first time that I bought items overseas, and I get really clumsy... I also searched the web for a Chinese seller, but it turned out a wild goose chase. So I decided to use Zilla first, and then find a way to get Archadia:-<
As for my thesis, I've already finished it and now am waiting for the thesis defence:)
I wonder whether we could find an easier way to talk to each other? My e-mail is . But since it's an open website, you don't have to put yours here. You might e-mail me only if you'd like to do that. Or else it's ok to go on talking here:-)
Thanks for helping me so much when I was helpless, I'm really very grateful. My English name is Keats(yes I'm simply crazy about his odes), if it sounds better for you~

Hello Keats,

Yeah, this site does that when a message has had several replies.  :-)
I am sending a link to a website in Chinese for Amazon, I think.  LOL
So sorry it is so hard to find products there.  The Arcadia brand should
be readily available in China though, so maybe check a few more petstores
just to see if they have it.  Sometimes they can special order them for
you also.

Either name is great!  LOL  
I hope you hear back on your thesis defense soon.
No problem at all.  My email is:

Talk to you soon.



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I can answer questions pertaining to health, UVB specifics, overall husbandry care & supplementation, analysis of blood test results, and behavioral problems & handling. I can answer questions pertaining to bearded dragons, leopard geckos, iguanas, uromastyx & ball pythons. I can answer adeno virus related questions in bearded dragons, & then specifically about the testing methods as well. I am beginning an Pogona Adeno Testing Society in 2008 which will help to begin to start some standardization within the bearded dragon colonies of the breeders who choose to test.


I have been working with bearded dragons for over 5 years now, as well as leopard geckos, too. I am currently doing rescues, as well. I hope to be able to educate people prior to them purchasing an exotic pet in order to avoid any health crisis with them.

I have a master's degree in sports medicine & physiology, & 1 year of vet tech schooling, & am currently working on a reptile certification through the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council.

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