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QUESTION: Hi Tracie. It's me again. I've released the big ones into that pond. But another question is haunting my mind. I took them in a small bag. I didn't have anything larger. I threw the whole bag into the pond. My question is : Can 6 turtles of 3.5 inch shell BLIND each other by their nail ? Because they were kept in a small space. They were always moving in the bag and trying to get out. Please relieve me from this mental pain. Sorry to bother you again.

ANSWER: Hello Dipto,

I am sure that the big ones will do just fine!
If you didn't have them in the bag for long, I doubt that they blinded each other.  They were in the bag for just a short period of time so not long enough to do any damage.
Why, were they acting blind?  Did you put the smaller turtles in something larger now?
Let me know how they are doing.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello Tracie,
They were in that around 9 inch bag for about or less than 1 hour. The material of that packet was like packet of Lays chips. There was no water in that bag. All of them were getting oxygen. They were always moving in the bag and trying to get out. Like I said I threw the whole bag into the pond. So there's no way for me to know if they were acting blind.

I've kept the small and medium ones in a 10 inch bowl. They are doing fine. But one of the small turtles doesn't do much swimming. He just sits under water all the time. Comes over water to breathe and then again sits under water. Other 3 turtles always swim but he doesn't join them. Is that a problem ? What can I do ?

You can see them here :

They don't live in that bucket anymore. They live in that big bowl now. Thanks for everything.

ANSWER: Hello Dipto,

Oh they are so cute swimming around!  :-)  Thanks for the video.
I think that for the short amount of time, they are fine.  I am sure that they were very happy to be released into the pond though.
I noticed the one smaller turtle sitting on the bottom.  I wonder if he is overly stressed?  Did it seem like the others might have been bullying him any?
Maybe you should try separating it for awhile to see if he does any better.  Has he eaten?

You are welcome!
Talk soon.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello again Tracie,
I've noticed no one bullies him. He's either sick or lazy. He almost doesn't swim. Unfortunately there's no turtle vet in my city. He's very much afraid of humans. So as long as I stand near he doesn't come up to eat food. That's why I can't tell you if he eats properly. But he looks okay. And I think he eats. What I've seen is when I give them food that doesn't float on water like fish , meat etc he eats that because for that he doesn't have to come up.

It's raining for some days here. So the big turtles I released should be in festive mood with their new comrades.

You've done a lot for me. Let me know if I can ever do anything for you. Thanks. Stay alive & be happy.

Hello Dipto,

Oh ok, well, does he act sick, or he just doesn't swim much?  I guess some can be like that I suppose.  If he is eating then he shouldn't be sick.  It sounds more like a generalized stress since you mentioned he is afraid of humans for some reason.
Maybe he just isn't very social, too.  Hopefully he will mellow out some & start coming up a little more for food before you release them later on.
I am sure the larger turtles are very happy then if it's been raining.  There should be plenty of food for them to eat!

No problem, I am happy to help.  Keep me updated on the ones you have left.  :-)



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