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Mystery snake
Mystery snake  
QUESTION: My neighbor was doing yard work and came across and killed this snake. I can't seem to be able to identify it well enough to be certain what kind of snake he killed. I'm thinking it wasn't harmful, but not sure. Any help would be great.

ANSWER: Can you get me a shot of the head and/or stretch it out?  Maybe a fox snake in shed???  More pics would help.

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Head of snake
Head of snake  

Snakes body
Snakes body  
QUESTION: Here is head and the body.

I 100% agree it was harmless.  The fact that it was in shed is really giving me trouble on the ID because the colors are so muted.  If you are in the southeast corner of PA I'd think prairie king snake.  Eastern fox snake is also a possibility but the head marking are a bit off.  Next take a pic and let it live so I can be sure!!!  This is gonna drive me crazy, I'm usually able to be at least 95% sure.  It's also possible we're looking at a hybrid and that's why we're having so much trouble.


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