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First, I had a Texas Spiny lizard lay eggs in my pot with tomatoes in it. Will it hurt the eggs when I water the tomatoes? Also, my neighbors grabbed a texas diamondback water snake who had a bunch of baby snakes up with a stick and she escaped and she and all of the babies "ran" into my yard and they yanked up the boards they were apparently living under. What kind of environment do they like. Also, when I mow the lawn with my lawn tractor how can I "warn" I am coming? Could I put something in my woods to shelter and protect them? We have some woods in the back yard.I don't mind reptiles and the snakes are quite pretty.

Hello Laura,

Wow, the spiny tails/tree lizards are so pretty.
I would try to move the eggs if possible as you could drown them with too much water.  Be careful
an don't handle them more than needed.  The eggs will need to stay in moist dirt though.
As for the diamondback water snakes, they will
likely get used to the sound of the mower and stay under their cover.  I would watch for them though.  
You could stack up some old boards to try and
make a shelter or den.  They like water like creeks or ponds.  
How neat, it sounds like you have a discovery
show going on in your backyard!
You'll have to send pictures of the snakes and
of the baby lizards when they hatch.  They are
super tiny!

Talk soon,


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