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Before I go into details, i just want to point out that the viv was completely cleaned out before she went into her shed cycle :)

A few days ago, my Burmese went into blue. I checked on her today, and she was no longer in blue- eyes clear, scales all shiny like they usually are etc. When i got her out, I found a small bi of dried shed under her.

Could it be possible to eat her own shed? I'm just confused on how the shed I found could've got there, after the whole viv was cleaned out. Its either she ate most of it and left a little, but honestly I don't know XD


Also, another question regarding to shed, I recently got a new Ball Python "Rescue". He also shed, and he got a little stuck on his tail tip. Just on the last scale. Would It be worth me removing it, or leaving it in case it comes off during the next shed?
He hasn't eaten for us yet (Im guessing he is going to be a picky eater.. Great) and I dont really want to stress him out trying to get the shed off.

Thankyou for reading :)

ANSWER: First off congrats on your futbol team!  Now, last question first-if that left over skin is in any way constricting the tail remove it, if not leave it.  As to the burm, are you certain it has shed?  They clear up right before they shed and it can be hard to tell that they are even going to shed.  Otherwise, maybe someone else took the shed out of the tank???  Maybe it's buried under the substrate???  I have never seen nor heard of a skin eating shed skin.

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QUESTION: The Burmese shed today! :D  I think I was just worrying over nothing. lol.

And about the ball python, I weighed him again today, and he weighed 465g. The previous time I weighed him, on the 11th of may this year, as that's when I got him, and he weighed 500g. (Thats a 35g loss, not much, but because he has literally just shed, I expected him to take the rat I offered).

He still hasn't eaten for us, and the previous owners said he hadn't eaten since October/November. Any tips on getting him to eat again?
I have a small hamster thawing right now, which I would be offering tomorrow just after dinner. If he doesn't take that, what else and when should I offer the next prey item?

Balls not eating...  ah where to begin.  I need to know what prey items you have tried.  Live or frozen thawed.  I need to know the exact temperature of the cage.  I need to know if the snake has a hide box.  Are you using a light or a heating pad?  Any audible breathing sounds?  


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