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Hi, my leopard gecko keep shaking her front leg every once in a while, I've had her for almost a year now and have never seen her do something like that. She is very adventurous and loves to climb around her cage, she has a custom made habitat made by yours truly, when she is out of the cage she is only on my bed or in my hands. I also have noticed at night when she is most active she tends to jump off of some high ledges in her cage, I don't know why she does such things, it seems to amuse her. So to the point, could she have just hurt her leg? if so what can I do to help her?

Hello Brandi,

Hm, that is very interesting!  It sounds like she may have sprained something with performing her antics like that.  How high up are her ledges that she jumps off of?
What type of lining or substrate do you have on the bottom of the tank?  You could try softening the landing for her by putting down a nice thick towel so she has a little bit of cushioning.
Or you could also lower her ledges somewhat if that is possible, or add some descending type of step, etc to help out.
Is it looking swollen at all?  
Are you giving calcium with D3 on a pretty regular basis either on her insects or in a small dish in her tank?
If it is bad enough to where she is limping, you can try using serrapeptase for help with swelling or inflammation, too.

Let me know how she is doing.



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