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Hello again, just a few updates and a question. Xerxes has had a vet visit since my last question and seems to be doing great, according to the vet xerxes is a bit on the chubby side lol. But I have switched his food to dubia roaches which he has eaten a couple but doesn't seem to like them probably going to go back to crickets. But lately he seems to be slowing down a little and seems to prefer the cool side of his tank more than being in the warmth. Is this normal on water dragons or should I be concerned? Daytime temps are 90-95 nighttime is 80-85 degrees

Hello Mike,

Hm, it sounds like Xerxes could be trying to slow down & brumate.  A lot of them tend to do that in the spring to summer time for some reason.  The behavior of wanting to sit mostly on the cooler end & avoiding the light & or heat to bask is normal when they start to brumate.  Though water dragons don't really brumate quite like other lizards, but they do have a little bit of a slow down though.
Is he losing weight right now, or maintaining even though he isn't eating much?
Do you have new pictures of him now?
He doesn't like the dubias as well as he likes crickets?  That is interesting!  LOL
They did not detect any parasites, etc at the vets then recently?  It sounds like he is very healthy then.  
Is he still relatively active then or not?

Let me know how he is doing.
How old is he again?



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