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Thank you BPC for your answer from this past Sunday.  My Tortoise Is still missing.  My yard is not fenced per deed restrictions in our sub-division.  I only have a lawn in our backyard and My neighbors have lawns .  Our  house sits on a  Lot that is 62 ' X  59'.  I have notified my neighbors.  I wanted to tell you that there are Hawks two streets over from us.  Would it be possible for them to have spotted the Tortoise in a big grassy area ?  I was gone about 3 - 5 minutes.  I have trouble seeing him when he is in the lawn.  We did a very thorough check of the lawn area as soon as I discovered he was missing.  I did put out a plate of fruit per your suggestion where he was last spotted.  Sorry to keep asking you questions but I feel so bad that he is gone and I don't even know what to tell my 10 year old Grandson when they return from vacation.  Again, Thank you for your previous quick answer.

Unfortunately yes, that hawk would be able to see him from a mile away.  Being that the yard is unfenced he could be fine and just wandering too.  As to your grandson, he will be upset, but I have found that reptiles are a lot like ex-girlfriends/boyfriends-nothing gets you over the last one like the next one.  I think you have a reptile show in your future!


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