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Reptiles/age of my leopord gecko


Bert and Beetlegeuse wrote at 2014-03-16 23:24:10
I NEVER use sand and I do NOT recommend it. It can be deadly. Forest floor bedding is loose and there is still a slight chance that your gecko will eat it but it is not as harmful. It is wood chip made from cypress trees. I also recommend using reptile carpet or paper towels. I have a 6 year old bell albino. And a Jungle morph baby. Use small crickets for babies and large crickets for adults. Also have a hide on the cool side and a hide on the warm side of the tank. Or like me, use one large hide that is on both sides. Also, leopard geckos should be handled almost every day. So work with your gecko to tame him. Otherwise he will be miserable if he stays in the tank all the time. Always have fresh, clean water in the tank. Clean the poop every day so that the crickets don't eat it. If the crickets eat it and your gecko eats the crickets he will most likely get Stomotitis (mouth rot.) Once your leopard gecko is tamed you should check him for mouth rot which is easy. CAREFULLY OPEN his mouth by sliding your finger along the side of his mouth. If his mouth has black patches in it then take him to a vet immediately. Mouth rot is VERY DEADLY.


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