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Hello. I am wondering if it is possible to break a lease early in PA if the landlord gave verbal approval to leave early. Now the landlords wife( who is also on the lease) is saying we cannot leave early.. after i talked to my landlord several weeks ago and he gave his blessing to leave i began looking for another house. I found one and made a commitment there. I did this only  because he said it was okay to do so. Now his wife is stating that what he said does not matter( they are in the middle of a nasty divorce). She said she will take us to court if we do not continue to pay for rest of lease. The only reason i committed to the new house was because the landlord stated that it was okay to do so... do i have the right to leave?

Most leases contain a provision whereby any changes must be in writing, so you're probably stuck. You can claim a verbal agreement, but that would be very difficult if not impossible to prove in the event they sue you for breach of the lease. It's an unfortunate situation, but this is why everything in real estate should be done in writing.

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