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QUESTION: I am legally handicapped and i have a placard I was parked in a designated handicapped parking stall in a mobile home park in California. I came to my car and there was a sticker saying I was parked illegally and would be towed if i parked there again. My placard was in plain sight and i was parked correctly in the stall.Can I be legally towed?

ANSWER: Based on your description, you should not be towed. But I can't help but wonder why the management company feels you are in violation. Either they didn't notice the placard, or they feel something else is in violation. I recommend contacting them to learn more about the situation to avoid further problems.

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QUESTION: I had previously parked in the guest parking lot and had not gotten a parking visitors pass and they tagged my car, a few weeks later I was parked in a shopping centers parking lot down the street and I was towed from that lot, the tow company said that my vehicle had been tagged there before (not true) I had parked there at 6 am and the company that towed me said it was towed as an abandoned vehicle, the driver noted seeing it at 7am,8am,9am,10am,towed at 11:30, cost me $270 to get it out and then I find out its same management company that owns the  mobile home park, so the warning i had received at the mobile home park was the tag they referred to when they towed me from the shopping center, I feel this was against the law, now they wont even give me a visitors pass because I had been towed from the shopping center, my friend who lives there is retired and I am disabled so I am over there quite often, they asked if I was living there and I said No, but I do watch his house when he goes to his other house in Salem Or. What can I do?

I suppose you could start by having your friend write a letter to the management company making them aware that you are an authorized visitor of his, and asking them why you were denied a visitor pass. I will say that it would be unusual for them to give you a permanent ongoing visitor pass -- those are usually only issued for brief periods at a time. (although sometimes residents are given a number of visitor passes to be used by their guests). A lot will depend on the rules and regulations of the park, which your friend should have. But hopefully his letter will result in some progress. the management company should be more willing to talk to him as there's a relationship there. Since you're not a resident of their park, they have less incentive to work with you.

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