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Me and Family
Me and Family  
My husband and I have decided to move by our children in Arizona due to the fact in 2010 my husband lost his job during recession and has started a new career working with American Republic and has been active agent since Aug. I have worked in the medical field at a local hospital for 16 years as a CNA and Information Clerk in Aug my position was elimated due to CPOE. I have 30 years experience and do not anticipate having any problem getting employment in my field as a CNA. We could not keep up with Mortgage so we are losing our home after 17 years. I have been receiving severance pay and unemployment and we have saved for this move.Have funds to pay for our lease for what is required and then some. Have pets and are wanting a home in a lesser price range than we have been paying in the past. (downsizing) As we began to prepare for our move and began our home search for a rental home was exciting. I assumed my husbands established some income and has a great projection to accumulate more when transfer to Tempe AZ with this company. I was under the assumption I would be able to find a rental home and the credit issue is not good but not terrible, settle in new home and begin my nursing in Arizona. I will have unemployment for another year since I just started it in October. Unfortunately the property manager informed my husband we both needed viable income. My question to you is how do I get a job if I don't have a home to live in. How does one live in one state and apply for employment in another without an address. We have never made less than 60,000 a year and even if I start at the low scale I still will be able to continue to pay my rent. I would be willing to pay 3 months rent if needed that opportunity. Is that possible. Any Suggestions?

Hi Leanne.  perhaps you have found a place by now but if not here are some of my suggestions .  first do not let 1 bad apple ruin your experience of trying to find a rentel.  sometimes all it takes is getting past the gatekeeper who cannot think outside the box.  The person you spoke with might not actually be the 1 who would have the final say about whether you were approved or not.  when applying for a property do not go into any detail about losing you home simply state that you are both relocating and that you will be receiving unemployment and your husband will be seeking work in the area.   you can offer to put up first and last months rent  in addition to any security deposit, and if you are okay with it I would also include a copy of your checking account statement to show you have some savings to fall back on along with your application.  We often cat families moving into the area to find better employment.  what we look for on an application in that circumstance is stability.  how long 1 has been in the field of work they are in and what are the lengths of their employment in the past.  generally speaking 1 who has had good work history will quickly find a new job in their new location.  best of luck and have a successful move.  feel free to contact me again .Stefani.

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