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QUESTION: I rented a townhome in Arizona a year ago. The landlord charged me a pro rated amount for the 8th of January till the end of the month of 520.00. I told her that I could not move in till the first of febuary and she said it was to hold the place since I was moving from a diffrent city. does she have to give the money back to me? she did not put it towords my rent and still has it. what do I do if anything? Please help...

ANSWER: Depends on what your lease calls for. If the lease has a commencement date of 1/8, and you signed it, and the townhome was made ready for you, then the charge is probably valid. The lease would be the governing document in situations like this.

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QUESTION: I still have not recived a copy of the lease after asking many times for it and I did not recive the keys and move in till the 29th of January. I know she has 14 days to return the deposit and I have talked to her to set up a time to meet and talk about this. she has made arangements and then not shown up. I am not sure just to let it go the 14 days and then take it to court or keep trying to solve this? I have been asking for the lease for about 7 months now and still nothing. how long should I take this if she is puttting me on the shelf?

I recommend contacting her one last time (in writing) to try and resolve this. If she doesn't respond, then small claims court is probably your best bet. The court will require that you already placed your demnds in writing before suing, so you should definitely do that first.

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