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Good evening,

I am a single mother of twin boys.  I have had a rough time since I came to the state of Maryland.  It has been four years and I finally got my own place.  
Since moving to my new apartment, I thought that it was a great new start for me and my boys.  They need stability.  Upon moving into my building it has been a nightmare. The management company has changed three times within a year. I have been to court three times because I refuse to pay rent where the living conditions are not correct.  The problem is now corrected after a year.  Can you imaging brushing your teeth in the kitchen sink because your bathroom is gutted.  My male friend has been with me well over 8 months.  I went to put him on the lease and I was told not to worry about it. my mistake.

I just renewed my lease ahead of time and paid my rent accordingly.  Now comes the notice of having renters insurance.  I have complied.  Not even a week later I get a notice that tenants are complaining of the smell of marijuana coming from my apartment.  They haven't been yet to even check.  Its word of mouth.  I don't do drugs and neither does my friend. Straight to the rental office I go to address this problem.  the following week I get a notice of violating my lease because my male friend is living with me. He has been with me since September of last year. I was told months ago that I don't have to worry about that. So I didn't.  But I went and got a money order to add him to the lease.  I have heard nothing from them within a week.

This evening I come home to a notice saying that I owe them $70 in unpaid fees.  For what I do not know, will investigate tomorrow after I come from work.  I'm really beginning to feel like this is personal.

I kept all the correspondence from the management companies as well as all my receipts.  I feel as if I need to record every conversation that I have with this new management company for I do not trust them.  I want them to just leave me and my family alone.

What else do I need to do for them to leave me alone.

I'm not sure how to answer your question, other than to say that if you are in full compliance of your lease, then you should have nothing to worry about. It's unclear why you would be targeted for harassment since good tenants are normally not bothered, so I don't see what incentive the management company would have to focus on you. My best advice would be to make all correspondence with them in writing, which will provide proof of everything that transpires relating to your tenancy (NO verbal agreements). And of course make sure you remain in full compliance with all the terms of your lease.

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