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Hello Stefani,
I live in PA and want to work towards a real estate
broker license; are there any accredited online schools
that I could look into?

Thank you for your time!

Briana de Cola

Hi Briana -- I would contact your local real estate association and ask or call your local schools.  In Oklahoma where I live, we have a school that has all kinds of ways to get a license.  You can take evening classes, day classes or weekend seminars and on-line school as well.  Here one must receive a realtor license and be a realtor for a minimum of 3 years until you can test and receive a broker license.  Best of luck!  Stefani

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I can answer basic beginner questions like "How do I get started buying my 1st rental property" and "What to look for when taking an application on a tennant." "Here`s what capital I have to work with -- what are my options?"


I started purchasing rental properties in 1995 with my husband, part-time, while working a full time job. We started with very little seed money. One year we purchased 11 single family units. Recently we bought 5 properties in 2 months. We purchased our 1st small apartment building in 2004. I am now managing our units and doing property investing and management full time.

My Husband and I have written a book for the new real estate investor, "Weekend Warrior's Guide to Real Estate Investing", published by Tate Publishing. Can be purchased from or Have been published in Real Profits by Carlton Sheets and Discount Buyer's Association monthly magazine.

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