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I have been a resident at this community for 3 years. Good Years.
The property recently was sold and a new management is in.  Now comes the good stuff.  I am disabled with a chronic illness and I found out they had entered my apartment without my knowledge or notice.  I was upset!  First of all I have dogs and narcotics in my home for my condition.  I called the office very upset and told them they had no right.  They told me they did.  I said we will see. I sent them an email the same day stating that if they enter my home again unless it is an emergency I will take them to court and get an injuction against them.  Second thing is that my tag was stolen off my car and I had already sent in the money for the new tag but the new manager saw the car and put a notice on it.  I called her upset telling her that the tag is on its way and don't tow the car.  She said to bad to sad but I have 48 hours.  I lost it.  I wrote to her corporate office and complained about her.  Well in the meantime she had the tow truck come and of course I stopped it.  I mean I can only do so much.  I can't speed up the DMV.  After all of the conficts about one week later I get a letter of non renewal.  I have lived here for 3 years and no problems and just because I challenge her she is going to show me.  I am in no condition to move at all.  I pay my rent on time  and mind my own business unless they violate my rights then I get upset.  Sorry for the long e-mail but doesn't one think that she is realiating towards me?  It is so obvious.  My lease would have been renewed if I had not callenged them.  What should I do?  Do I have a case to sue her for retaliation? What else could it be? Yet there is a car right around the corner that has no tags and is parked illegal and they do nothing about it. It has been there about one year and it just sits.  Doesn't even run.  So I can only assume she did not like me challening her.  I have already filed a complaint with the Rental Protection Agency and I have called legal aid.  I think I am right.  What do you think?

... Hello Randy,

I was a tenant at one time myself and I got SCREWED by my landlord, that is why I am both a tenant advocate and a landlord. I am not licensed in Florida and I am not an Attorney, but I have opinions. :)

Yes, I totally agree with your feelings as to how you have been treated. Of course I am only hearing your side of it, but even if you were a bit testy or angry..., she should have most certainly acted more professionally and been more helpful. Some people get a little power and suddenly they think that they can step on other peoples rights.

The problem we have is not unique to you or your area, it is Nationwide. It is an apathetic lack of concern about rights of others which I personally believe is partly economic hardship issues and partly the breakdown of the family unit with a fading belief in God. No kidding.

You do have measures however that you "could" take..., which could easily cost her the job she now enjoys and a lot of attention to your plight. This in turn could help others, once the upper management finds out the harm it has done to their pocketbook. In the end.., unfortunately, it is ALWAYS about the money.

Are you possibly a disabled Veteran?
Are you a disabled person of color or in a protected class?
Are you a Senior Citizen? ........ these and other things may help you.

Some research, if you have a computer and Internet, can show you where to bring your case to light and ...maybe, get some justice in the end.

Google/Yahoo search for BBB of Florida, Apartment Ratings, Attorney General complaints, Housing Authority of your area etc.

I really do wish you the best of luck with the unjust treatment you have suffered.

Kind Regards,

Don Leske Sr. / Landlord
Property Manager for 600 rentals.
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