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Residential Property Management/Property Manager Harrassed husband and then overcharged after we moved out


We rented a 1240 sq ft apartment for a year. A couple months after we had moved in with our 3 dogs(2 over 40 lbs, the lady who was manager got replaced with a guy and the property manager started coming to our front door and pounding on it until my husband opened the door. He was upset because the previous manager had let us move in with dogs bigger than allowed. He would make comments about it smelling like a kennel and how it was going to cost alot of money to get the place in rental-able condition when we move out, and he even tried to get us to take our dogs onto Walmarts property to use the bathroom (he did not tell any other dog owners this)etc., etc. He always had the manager with him, so we do have at least one witness to everything this pm did and said. This continued for a few months until I called an attorney and had him contacted to leave us alone. He told the attorney that he was waiting for us to move out at our lease end. Now I know why he said that. He is trying to charge us an exorbitant amount for the carpet and other things that equal $3800.00. Now, my husband spent 2 days cleaning the entire apartment and we moved into our new home the end of Sept. 2012. The pm did the walk through without us and is also trying to charge us rent for 5 days in Oct. 2012. My husband emailed the company this guy works at only to have him respond back via email. He is very condescending, snarky, belittling, and made false accusation towards my husband and us. He stood on our patio one day and looked in our window making derogatory comments to my husband and telling him that it was his patio and that we pay him to use his patio. He has since sent the bill to a collection agency. The manager has spoken against this guy saying he is wrong and made everything up. We need a good attorney to help us get this settled. There is way more to tell, including other tenants having problems with the same pm. Please help!

I'm not sure how much I would be able to help, because as you wrote, you probably should be talking to a lawyer about your situation. But things to keep in mind are the the lease is the sole document that should govern your tenancy. Most leases will specify whether or not pets are allowed, and if so, under what parameters. Also, hopefully the condition of the apartment was properly documented at both move-in and move-out. If this matter should end up in front of a judge, most of the "he-said, she-said" verbal stuff won't hold much weight. It comes down to the facts, and again, what the lease provides for. A brief consultation with an attorney is probably warranted so that you can learn your legal options. Best of luck.

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