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I have managed my rental home for a few years now and would like to start a property management business in Oklahoma. I have researched and found I am required to obtain a real estate license for this. I have to be sponsored by a real estate brokerage to obtain my state license. All brokerages conduct property management, so why would they sponsor me as I am starting my own business and would be eventually taking some of their business away? Is there some way around this sponsorship portion for property managers? Thanks! Richard Fulgium

Hi Richard -- Not sure if you knew when you wrote me, but I'm in Oklahoma too. (Oklahoma city) Unfortunately, there is no legal way around the sponsorship and being/being under a broker to legitimately do property management for others.  I must say, this is a major sore spot with me and the real Estate commission has a VERY long arm you don't want to cross.  If you're a property owner, you have too much to lose -- so just jump through the hoops however quickly you can.  If memory serves me, it takes 3 years of being a real estate agent to be able to sit for a brokers' license.  Until then, if you really want to start, you can work with a broker.  Start with your friends and find out who has a license that would sponsor you.  that's sort of what we did while my husband was waiting to get his brokers license.  The broker is willing to work with you because they take a commission on every management fee you get.  Plus, maybe you will bring in business to the firm.  There are probably all kinds of ways you could make yourself useful to a broker.  If you don't know someone or have a friend of a friend, look for a broker who has investment property so they have a like mindset with you.  Hope this answers some of your questions and feel free to email again.  Stefani

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