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rocks on chair
rocks on chair  

rocks dead plants and dirt
rocks dead plants and  
I recently emailed the P.M. community 'rep' for my HOA who is the listed contact for all issues regarding our landscaping, which is provided by a local company the board contracts with. The previous company apparently started to remove ivy growing on my patio and wall, but never completed the work and also left many rocks that must have been in the dirt stacked up on a chair and other areas of my patio. (See photos attached.) After learning that we had contracted with a new company, I contacted the 'rep' mentioned about having them do the work so it would finally, after nearly 2 years, be completed - yet although my email was read it never received a response and my patio still has that mess. After following protocol on how individual owners are expected to get such issues addressed, I find myself feeling even more angry over the fact that a job was started and my association dues continue to be collected - yet there is little evidence of the maintenance and services those dues are supposed to pay for. How should I proceed and (at the very least) get the mess on my patio addressed and fixed? The irrational and angry part of me wants to move those rocks so they're stacked up on the patios of board members - the practical and logical side of me knows that's not going to help my situation.

I suggest writing a certified letter with your concerns, and send to the property manager, and each of the Board of Directors. You can also include a reasonable deadline by which you expect the cleanup to take place, or you will do it yourself and deduct the costs from your association dues. I'm not sure that your CC&Rs or the laws in your state would allow you to do that, but I would still put it in the letter in case you do have that option.

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