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Been at new place for almost a week. The landlord said that he would warranty the ac unit. Since moved in the ac unit is not cooling the home it stays between 80-90 and runs all day.
He sent someone out, and they put Freon in it, but it did not work. Since then I have met the previous tenants and they said that they had the same problem the 4 short months they were here. The landlord says it is a new unit and that he will "do what he can to fix it or we can move".
I want a certified professional to look at it, and found one that does diagnostics for 59.00...
How can I go about getting this problem resolved if he just keeps sending "his guys over" to check it out, and they tinker with it and nothing gets fixed.
Its in the lease......I mean I just moved I don't want to move again....I should have some kind of rights in this situation in south Carolina....what are they please help..
Im hot irritable frustrated and cant relax in my new home

Unfortunately I'm in California so I'm unfamiliar with the real estate regulations in your state. But if your landlord isn't adequately repairing the a/c, or replacing it if it can't be repaired or is undersized, and if your lease calls for this to be a landlord's responsibility, then I'm sure you have recourse to break the lease. Even though you may not be excited about moving again, that seems like a less problematic approach than to sit in 90 degree heat! I don't know if you have a self-help provision available to you where you can fix it yourself and then deduct the cost from your rent. You'll need to ask a real estate professional or attorney in your state. Might be worth the $59 to get an unbiased opinion as to what may be wrong with the unit, and then approach the landlord with that info.

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