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With reference to a rental lease for which I am renewing for the same tenant as prior year, but with a different lease in Florida, I have the following question:
1. Tenant paid a security deposit for year ending of which I am currently holding. Want to find out if I am able to use the current security deposit for the new lease (same amount) or do I need to write a check for tenant for refund and then let tenant write me a new check.
If I am able to use the same security deposit for the new lease what should I document and put in writing.
2. Also I spoke to my tenant and I would be overseas for the renewal period. Would not be able to visit the property till next year. My tenant has paid on time and claimed the property is in good condition during the current lease which is ending in a month. If I am unable to be at the property for an inspection for the new lease, is there anything I should put in writing to document no inspection of property was done and tenant claimed property was in good condition.

Ask the tenant if transferring the deposit is OK with them. I've transferred deposits to a new lease with words in the new lease that say something like $2,250 deposit already received."
I never trust tenants regarding the condition of a rental. If I can't conduct an inspection myself, I hire a handyman or other trusted person to do a walk-through and send me pictures.
Hope this helps.

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