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My fiancÚ and I, along with our son and her sister recently became tenants in a townhome in Springfield, Va. We have never met the owner, nor does the owner have any intention of meeting us. The owner utilizes a property management company called One World Reality based out of Annandale, Va. The person who I liaison with also happens to own the company. He is often hard to get a hold of and when he is able to be reached he usually tells us that he will get back to us and never does unless we again get a hold of him. The contractors he employs usually performed tasks at a lower than expected quality and no walk through was performed before we moved in. I am worried that when it is out time to leave they will blame us for things that were already not right at the time we moved in and I want to know if there is any recourse I can take should I feel his professionalism needed to be called into question. For example, three of the four toilets were not operational when we moved in. We notified him of this and it took a week for someone to come out and take care of the issue because his contractors would not arrive at the arranged time. When they finally replaced the toilets they were found to have items such as dolls and hair along with feces clogging them. Then he had the audacity to accuse my son for clogging the toilets and me and my fiancÚ for allegedly not watching our son, even though we told him they didn't work from day one. He doesn't listen to what we tell him and he appears that he does not care about anything. Another example; two of the exterior doors did not lock nor latch and again it took over a week and three attempts for this to be addressed properly. If I feel it would be necessary do I have it in my rights as a tenant to, and what type of recourse should I take if the lack of professionalism continues?

I recommend putting everything in writing, and taking plenty of pictures in case any of this is needed later as evidence in a dispute. There's no way I know of to regulate someone else's unprofessional behavior, so it's probably a waste of energy to try and do that. Simply document best you can, and if it gets intolerable, then it might be best to plan for a move when your lease expires. Best of luck.

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