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i've been living in my current apartment for 7+ years. recently, i had a weekend battle with a rodent infestation. a leak inside the wall cause the wooden floor in my pantry to rot and the rats got in through a hole that formed. i bought an electric rat zapper and in two days i zapped 9 rats! i had planned to go into my leasing office to renew my lease that monday, so it was at that time i told them about the problem and the maintenance needed and showed them pictures...blah blah blah. then the leasing agent said they would send someone out to fix the hole. separately, she told me my rent would increase $30/month with my renewal. i feel like i must be the worst negotiator in the world. how does someone who just killed 9 rats in their apartment end up with a rent increase? i haven't signed the new lease yet. i need some advice on what i can say to make them see my rates should at least stay the same instead of increasing.

Answer way in the world would I renew a lease where there's that kind of a rodent infestation in the building! Zapping 9 rats in 2 days probably means there are a LOT more rats in that building. At the very least, I would demand a clause in the new lease that requires the landlord to perform diligent and continual extermination efforts, and that if the problem continues, then you would have a right to terminate. I see the rent amount being secondary to that issue, although to have your rent raised when faced with this condition hardly seems appropriate (unless your current rent is way under market).

Alternatively, you might want to find another place to live!

Best of luck.

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