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New at renting houses as we are renting our old house after moving to a new one about 2 years ago. Our first (and only tenants so far) gave proper notice and moved out last weekend.

My wife and I are in disagreement about the carpet cleaning. We had the carpets professionally cleaned before we rented the house and she expects the the tenants to pay for professional cleaning when they move out so the carpets are clean for the next renter. I think if the house is broom clean and the carpets are vacuumed with no stains then that is good enough. When she mentioned this to the tenants on the final walk through they were somewhat taken aback and said if we felt the carpets weren't clean enough then take the cost out of the deposit as they were moving out of town and didn't have time to hire someone. I thought the carpets looked fine. She thinks if the house was "perfect" when they moved in it should be "perfect" when they move out and was very nit-picky on the walk through. I think if they lived there for 2 years I should expect some wear and tear when they move out and it is a part of the cost of renting property.

Your thoughts?


Most likely, you're on the correct side of this. The tenants would be responsible for any damages that are "beyond normal wear and tear". If there are no stains on the carpet and if it was vacuumed, then that would probably be viewed as an acceptable move-out condition. If they were good tenants during their occupancy and everything else was left in good condition, my advice would be to avoid charging them for carpet cleaning. But of course I'm not in a position to be able to see the flooring firsthand so it will be a judgment call on your part. Best to avoid security deposit conflicts though as they can get messy on borderline issues like this (and courts generally favor the tenants in those instances).

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