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QUESTION: I have a me that I've had to rent. I paid the HOA myself for one year.  I have not worked since 2/2015. The HOA fee has increased.  I should have had the tenants pay the HOA from the beginning.  I need to let them know  that  they  will b paying the  HOA how do I do it tactically The rent will increase $100. d

ANSWER: I'm not clear on your first sentence, but I will assume you are the owner of a unit within n association and you are renting it to a tenant. If true, and you wish to add the HOA fees to their rent, that would depend on whether you already have a signed term lease in place. If you do, you won't be able to add that charge without the tenant's consent. If the lease is month-to-month, then you can serve the proper notice to change the terms and add that provision. As for being tactful, there's no trick I know of as the tenant will view this as an overall increase in their monthly rent. It will just come down to whether they agree or not, and what ends up being negotiated. best of luck.

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QUESTION: Thank you for your answer.  Not sure what happened to the first sentence. I'll try to clarify here. I have a townhome that I'm having to rent. The tenants lease will be up May 18. I did not have them pay the HOA for the first lease. The HOA has increased.  I can't work and haven't since February 2014. I can no longer afford to pay it. They have mentioned renewing the lease for six more months.  Since it is a renewed or new lease can I increase the rent to pay some if not all the HOA?

Yes, you can increase the rent to cover the HOA costs, or add a provision whereby the tenant is responsible to pay the HOA directly. The latter isn't preferable since if the tenant fails to pay the HOA, you could be subject to penalties and potential a lien against your property.

Of course, it all comes down to whether the tenant will accept the higher rent amount.

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