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Dear Mr. Leske,

I live in a pretty good neighborhood projects in Manhattan with my mother and father. It's part of the New York City Housing Authority. Maybe about 2 months ago, our new neighbors directly above us moved in. We just never heard that kind of noise before. It was exceeding. A lot of running, slamming, banging, furniture dragging. It sounded like people were brawling. One day, we heard 3 loud BOOMS against our ceiling like a pile driver. My mother is hard of hearing, but she heard it. Sometimes it went all day and sometimes late at night. We didn't know what to do, but I opted to be patient. Finally, my father paid a couple of visits, but then he began clanging on the pipes.  

From what I understand, she is a mother of about 4 or 5 children. All under 16, I guess. There seems to be no father. She moves the table twice a day to mop. She has two children who fight with each other.

There was dramatic improvement after my father did what he did. I tried to be appreciative, but the stomping of feet, the running would start up again. I didn't tell my father, but I would hear a tapping of a beat against my ceiling sometimes-- almost like it was a taunt. The times of peace would break out into rashes of a more mute slamming and commotion.

Between my father clanging and them stopping, only to start again a few days later, it's affecting my nerves. I didn't tell them this, but I've been going through a severe depression and the constant noise has me on edge. I was prescribed Zoloft at a low dosage and I'm seeing a therapist. It's helped, but I'm literally at the end of my rope today and I'm seriously considering going upstairs to talk to her myself. I've looked on the internet for what I can do to make an appeal for the same consideration that I'm positive this family would want for themselves. Even more difficult, is my father himself can be pretty loud and I don't altogether trust the people of my management office. There's some questionable ethics.  

I'm not a jerk, Mr. Leske. I have sympathy for this woman and her children. It's one of the reasons why I've dragged my heels about intervening. I've seen her twice in the elevator with her family and I've been very respectful; I've held the door open when getting off. This is my normal manner as I treat all of my neighbors this way, even those who don't like me. It hurts me that my family could be treated this way and pain adds to the stress. It's not something I want to admit if I can avoid it.

I'm asking you to please advise me. This is a good building. We've had our share of bad neighbors, but for the most part it is a decent building. Please help me.



--- Hello David,

I like your question, in fact i think it would be good for you copy/paste your concerns into a letter and give it or tape it on your neighbors door. Or email to your landlord. You should not have to live like this, you have the right to live a peaceful life. If this does not work you need to file a formal complaint, or of course you could move but what if your new place was no better?

I am not an Attorney and can only give you my personal opinion.

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